Transformation Game: 1 – 4 players

As featured in Natural Health Magazine and The Mail on Sunday.

How can a board game assist you with your life challenges? Sound a little odd? Well, this board game was originally created in the Findhorn Community, Scotland. Findhorn is a spiritual community that offers workshops in personal development, permaculture, arts, climate change, conferences, the Transformation Game and much more.

The game was created for people to have a ‘Findhorn experience’ without travelling to Scotland. It is a simple but cleverly devised game. A ‘workshop in a box,’ played with friends, colleagues or strangers who become friends. Unlike most games it’s not competitive and is played in a confidential, compassionate, fun and relaxed way.

The Beauty of the game is that by landing on squares the opportunity arises to reflect, uncover and understand your situation. In the game you adopt specific cards, defining your unconscious possibilities and during the game it reveals choices, insights and inspiration that mirror your life. This gives you clear pointers to help you shift awareness, so transformation occurs. The bonus is that the practical tools and information gained, can be used immediately in life. It’s an intriguing opportunity to gain deeper awareness, uncover your own wisdom and transform concerns in a fun and productive way.

Some of the challenges people often play with are: shifting non-productive behaviours and patterns, personal relationships that need resolution, handling transitions – career, work, finance, marriage, family, moving, partnerships; removing blocks to spontaneity, handling stress or distress, and opening doors to new possibilities or next life steps.

By playing with a trained facilitator, you receive guidance on the rules, along with encouragement and immediate feedback. Unlike large workshops, there is focussed attention in a small group setting (1-4 players). This adds to a richer and deeper experience, offering further opportunities to transform as Jane Alexander of the Daily Mail found out.

‘Since playing the game my career has — dare I say it — transformed. I’ve landed a book deal, new consultancy work and been asked to co-host retreats. It could all be coincidence, of course, but I’m not so sure. For now, I’m wrapping myself in my cloak of trust, winking at my angel and counting the days before I can play again.’

A Place to Heal’s surroundings and décor are conducive to a relaxed, homely and elegant atmosphere. Water, herbal teas and light nutritious bites will be offered. It is a perfect place for people to meet and participate in this ‘workshop in a box’ board game.

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