We are delighted and excited after many years of dreaming and visioning to offer A Place to Heal, a sister company to The Arrigo Programme. This is the beginning of much deeper work that we will be offering as support in these times of change.
— FIona Arrigo


Fiona is the Founder of A Place to Heal and internationally acclaimed as a profoundly intuitive healer, mentor and life teacher. She is a psychotherapist and Biodynamic psychologist who also draws on a lifetime of study into ancient philosophies and teachings. Her award winning The Arrigo Programme attracts clients from all over the world keen to experience deep and lasting transformation. She also runs group retreats globally. Fiona is available at A Place to Heal for one-to-one sessions and for the design and curation of personal treatment programmes in London. Her aim is always to help people to move towards a healthier, happier and more balanced state of being.



BA Hons; Fellow IOBM; Clinical Director of The Arrigo Programme; Principal of The Institute of Biodynamic Medicine

Mary Molloy works with and has evolved the renowned clinical methods of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy developed by Clinical Psychologist Gerda Boyesen. Working in the field of biodynamic health and medicine for over 40 years, Mary specialises in treatments for essential organic relaxation and well-being; relief of physical and nervous symptoms and healing from the effects and affects of trauma and grief, howsoever caused. She has developed new and effective bespoke treatment protocols into the emerging field of Biodynamic Medicine to bring a radical, deep-rooted dimension to healing.


lowell riezouw

Lowell has trained extensively in body-oriented psychotherapy, radionics and classical homeopathy. He has over 25 years experience in research and clinical practic treating chronic and deep seated disturbances including mental/emotional states, fertility, allergies, autism, childhood illnesses, learning disabilities. Understanding processes in the body and hence the possibility to correct health is possible using Global Diagnostics - one of the most sophisticated bio-resonance instruments available. Measuring over 600 energetic dis-balances at an electromagnetic level and over 5,200 negative influences on the body, precise and fine micro-currents are used to bring about health at a causative level.

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Simon Heathcote is a Psychotherapist and healer who has developed a unique way of working, drawing on Jungian concepts, mysticism and archetypal psychology to help return clients to their essence or deep soul. He specialises in relationship addiction. Simon trained at Broadway Lodge (Britain's first specialist addiction treatment centre) and worked at The Priory, Roehampton, specialising in the treatment of sex and love addiction. Using an integrated approach, Simon works dealing with simple but helpful changes in cognition to a deeper exploration where necessary.


Tea Novo

Tea studied nutrition at the College of Natural Nutrition, where she trained in medical anatomy and the applied practice of nutritional therapy. She is a member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapist Practitioners. Her approach addresses the way our nutritional deficiencies cause disease - combining knowledge of biochemistry and nutritional science with natural treatments. Tea also offers full body lymphatic drainage using the Jade microcurrent system to help remove metabolic waste, which, when stagnant can result in inflammation, pain and disease. 


Lasare Maloney

Lasare is a Personal Transformation Coach, teaching that we can transcend our history through reshaping our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. With over 25 years of experience in the field of personal growth, studying with leading visionaries and healers. Lasare brings a warm and dynamic approach to examining your life and finding new faith in all you are experiencing. Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), EAM (Energy Alignment Method), breath awareness and guided visualisations, an embodied experience of change is created. Specialising in assisting women to deepen their inner connection, this work brings empowerment, peace and wellbeing and lasting change. 



Virginia has been practicing yoga and meditation for 16 years. She studied ISHTA (Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda) yoga under Yogiraj Katrina Repka. She also has Pre & Post Natal qualifications. Virginia holds a safe, nurturing and magical space integrating her approach of Asana (poses/movement), Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Meditation. She fully believes in the supportive and healing benefits of yoga and meditation to support physical health, trauma and addiction recovery, as well as life’s everyday demands. Her primary focus aim is for healing and integration - for her to enable her clients to re-connect with themselves whilst building mental and physical strength and flexibility.


julie Ann Horrox

Julie Ann has 20 years of experience with the breath, facilitating dynamic life shifts with Transformational Breath®. She is the UK’s Ambassador for the International Breathwork Foundation and has trained extensively in different forms of conscious breathing. Studies show that the majority of us are not breathing correctly, breathing deeply gives us the oxygen we need for optimum physical, mental and emotional health. By making changes to the way we breathe we can create profound and lasting effects in our life. Julie Ann offers Breathing Analysis as well as Transformational Breath® sessions to help with issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, addictions or co-dependency.


Gaylin tudhope


Gaylin is a psychologist and psychotherapist with 32 years of professional experience in Autogenic Psychotherapy, Lifespan Development and Coherence Therapy. She offers a bespoke service using techniques developed over her professional life as a clinician, lecturer and lifelong student.
 Focus is on rebalancing the autonomic nervous system and body chemistry, managing trauma via physiological and psychological techniques and achieving mental balance and well-being by working from a molecular level outwards.
 Gaylin is socio-culturally trained to help people process their issues with sensitivity to their world view. She works cross culturally across the globe. Published work : Alcohol Awareness, How to become the Perfect Couple.


cornelius o’shaughnessy

Cornelius is one of the world's leading mind, meditation and Eastern philosophy experts. Cornelius has studied Eastern approaches to the mind for over 20 years and has a rarely seen grasp of the some of the more complex and misunderstood aspects of Eastern philosophy and meditation. Cornelius is known for his ability to therapeutically apply Eastern philosophy and teach its wisdom in a simple, grounded and approachable way. He has a considerable amount experience working with people who suffer with a wide variety of physical and emotional challenges as well as those who simply wish to discover a more relaxed approach to life. He is perhaps most renowned for his work with stress and burnout and his ability to help people navigate through challenging situations. He has become a sought after advisor to some of the world’s leading business men and women



Federica Ferro is an International Breathwork Coach, Intuitive Healer and Guide. Over a decade ago, she engaged in her path towards self- discovery and personal development and left behind her career in the fashion industry to help people transforming their life from the inside out. Federica aims to create an holistic experience for all of her clients, engaging with mind, body and soul and creating a long-lasting balance among one's dimensions. In her practice, she combines Rebirthing and other types of breathwork with life coaching, creative psychology and use of affirmations, facilitating a transformational experience that will help people achieving their goals, finding clarity, connecting with the spiritual laws and living a life they love. Reiki, crystal healing, aromatherapy, visualisations and oracles are her favourite signature touches to create a safe and loving environment for people to explore, surrender and heal.



Kate is a CBT therapist and has completed a doctorate in counselling psychology. Kate has a particular interest in working with addictions, having worked in both NHS and private rehabilitation services. Moreover, Kate also has a passion for helping people struggling with trauma, bereavement and adolescent mental health. 

Kate adopts an integrative approach to client work, drawing on different theoretical approaches to enrich therapeutic practice and views the therapeutic relationship itself as key to promoting positive client outcomes and as such adopts a relational style. As well as offering one-to-one therapy sessions she also has a passion for group work, including bereavement groups, process groups and psycho-education groups.