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A Place to Heal by Arrigo offers an escape from the fast-lane of everyday life to reflect, learn, commune and find inner calm, inspired by leading thinkers and specialist therapists. It is sanctuary where we can awaken our inner being by exploring our place in 21st century society and ways to live with courage, joy and meaning. 

Our programme of events, lectures, workshops and one-to-one consultations provide teaching, skills, philosophical enquiry, ancient wisdom and healing for people living with anxiety, depression, stress, trauma and addiction, as well as those simply seeking to have a better understanding of themselves and relate more deeply to the world around them.  

A Place to Heal welcomes all, with a guiding philosophy that by coming together to work on ourselves we create great power to positively impact our home, community and work environments and the wider world around us. 

Our work is to heal ourselves so our own healing can spread to our families and communities.
— Fiona Arrigo