life coaching

Life coaches help you create practical, proactive steps to live the life you want. Life coaching can support you in making changes in your life; guide you through periods of confusion or overwhelm, or simply help you if you unsure of what to do next in life.


Clinical Psychology

Like psychotherapists, our consultants look at ways to help you deal with life’s challenges. With an academic research background, alongside psychotherapeutic skills their approach may appeal to those who prefer a more analytical approach.



People come to psychotherapy for many reasons – to resolve emotional upset; to change troublesome thoughts; to improve relationships, both with oneself and others. We will help you find the right form of psychotherapy to guide your journey.


biodynamic psychology

Biodynamic medicine is a holistic approach using bodywork alongside talking therapy. A key element is psycho-peristalsis that encourages the body to ‘digest’ emotional stress. A wide variety of issues respond well to this approach, including chronic stress, depression, anxiety and addiction.


transformational breath®

Transformational Breath® is a powerful technique that focuses on conscious breathing. It is used to help people deal with stress, to increase energy and balance immune response. A useful tool in self-transformation which can be used on its own or alongside other forms of therapy.

women’s work

This gentle, supportive therapy for women offers a non-judgmental space to support women in dealing with issues relating to her body, psyche and sexuality. This offers a flexible approach to include talking and/or bodywork, depending on the issue.


philosophical enquiry

Philosophical inquiry aims to encourage you the chance to explore your own ideas in ways that are creative, critical (pulling ideas apart and scrutinising them), caring and collaborative. It can appeal to those with an intellectual approach to life.

addiction counselling

Addiction counselling helps unravel the issues that lie behind dependency as a key to long-term recovery. It canhelp you identify triggers and work with you to create a long-term plan to sustain healing. This therapy provides totally non-judgmental support.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation will help you find space and stillness within the hectic pace of modern living. You will explore how your mind works, your patterns of thinking and behaviour. With practice mindful meditation can help you become more present and balanced in life, so ultimately happier and more fulfilled.