BIODYNAMIC medicine exclusive to a place to heal


Mary Molloy BA (Hons) Fellow IOBM

A Hons; Fellow IOBM; Founder and Principal of The Institute of Biodynamic Medicine ; Clinical Director of The Arrigo Programme

Mary has over 40 years experience working one to one and in groups with those who seek help, or relief from stress and trauma, howsoever caused. 

Biodynamic Medicine  

These protocols are now exclusively available at A Place to Heal in London and through the Arrigo Programme, in collaboration with the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine.

Biodynamic Medicine is defined as the art and science of healing in accordance with biodynamic principles. It is based on well established, safe and proven biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy practices developed over 60 years by eminent Clinical Psychologist Gerda Boyesen. Recent research in neuro-science has indicated that the gut and brain are directly connected, and each play a crucial role in recovery from trauma and stress, howsoever caused. Mary Molloy has developed new clinical protocols over 30 years from the combination of core biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy theory and practice and recent research findings in neuroscience.

The aim of biodynamic medicine is to ensure and restore the circulation of life energy to and between the brain, heart and gut. Whatever may have happened in life, it does not ‘matter’ – the essential aim is to restore the flow of energy ( bio-dynamic) and normal, natural health and well-being. As well as psychotherapy, talking, bodywork and working on the body without touch ( bio-field) biodynamic medicine applies specialised treatment protocols using a loudspeaker stethoscope placed on the abdomen of the client to monitor brain and gut activity (psycho-peristalsis feedback) during the session.

Biodynamic medicine works to restore the normal function of the life-saving ‘fight and flight’ and ‘freeze mechanism’ responses so that they are only activated when needed and do not remain constantly switched-on or shut down. It works to re engage the draining function of the glymphatic system in the brain and monitoring psychological activity in the gut - the central and all nervous systems begin to settle and deeply relax.

It works to support normal activity of the neuroceptors rooted in the brain, heart and gut and restore the normal function of the social engagement system that is our birthright and the basis for good relationship to self and others. When we are and feel safe and able to function as normal body starts to yawn, stretch and have full breath release. The heart return to balance via spontaneous breath and mindfulness awareness and coherence, consciousness, peace and well-being is restored.

Biodynamic medicine brings a radical new dimension to total wellbeing and a welcome return to vibrant natural heath.