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Follow Your Flow: Merilyn Keskula

You are kindly invited to the first FOLLOW YOUR FLOW workshop, hosted by Mylky Moon Lab.

This workshop invites you to start living by your unique cyclical blueprint - using tools like menstrual cycle awareness and moon mapping it will change the way you flow through life. Knowing how to benefit from each day in your own unique cycle is a tool for radical self care, and aims to shake the world at its core while igniting a profound way of female leadership.

Become the queen governing your domain with grace, instead of a martyr going by other’s expectations - take charge of your beautiful feminine power, that will benefit yourself and everyone around you!

Join us on August 7th to explore your unique blueprint, learn practical tips & tools for living and working better, connect to your body wisdom, and be part of an incredible group of women.

You will start trusting your own body and inner authority over anything external.
You will set your own pace, making stress and adrenal overdrive a thing from the past.
You will radically slow down - and have more time for rest and play - while becoming more creative, productive and successful.
You will respect yourself and value your time and energy, making others respect and value you and your work more.
You’ll be able to harness the skills of your colleagues and team by understanding the energy available at any given time.