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Relax & Reconnect with Breathwork: Hanna-Jade

Join Hanna-Jade for a 1 hour breath journey which will explore the free range of movement in the breath pattern releasing stress from our deepest worries and into relaxation, inner peace and reconnection with your breath.

It has been said that the human neuroendocrine system has changed very little since the time of cavemen and women. Yet in our era, we are likely to receive more stimulation in one day than our ancestors did in their entire lifetime. As a result, the average modern-day human being is over-aroused and is likely physically, mentally and emotionally stressed.

Although stress in small doses with intermittent rest periods can be beneficial, this over-arousal response of the sympathetic nervous system (our ‘fight-flight-freeze’ response) activates shallow upper chest breathing which in effect re-arouses the stress response, setting us up for a habitual cycle of emotional outbreak and unconscious behaviour patterns that continue to reinforce unhealthy breathing habits.

Research has shown that the way we breathe directly affects our nervous system. ‘By learning to deepen and open up the breath we can directly re-train the body’s stress response, and, as a result, we create the headspace for higher and more conscious cognitive responding behaviour. This allows us to become responsive to our emotions rather than re-active and sets the groundwork to creating lasting changes in our lives.