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Through the Body to Heal the Soul - Introduction to Biodynamic Medicine w Mary Molloy

Biodynamic Medicine is defined as the art and science of healing in accordance with biodynamic principles. It brings a radical new dimension to total wellbeing. Recent research in neuro-science has indicated that the brain and gut are directly connected. Each play a crucial role in maintaining health and happiness; and recovery from trauma and stress, howsoever caused.

The aim of biodynamic medicine and experience is to restore the health of this connection, and enhance the circulation of life energy between the brain, heart and gut. Bio-dynamic is the life enhancing flow – the river of life - that nourishes our body and mind. It nurtures the soul and renews our sense of meaning and purpose. It brings quality relationships with self and others and builds capacity and zest for living.

Our experiential biodynamic workshops can often mark the beginning of a lifelong journey of self-discovery. In this workshop we will explore and experience the benefits of this new knowledge.