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Young Adult Support Group Open Evening w Kate Ryan

A Place to Heal is proud to launch a new group for young adults aged 16+. Good mental health and resilience are considered the foundations for intellectual and emotional growth, impacting on one’s ability to develop independence, confidence and a strong sense of self-worth. Left unresolved, mental health problems significantly affect young people’s social and educational development.  

The goal of this group is to offer a non-judgmental therapeutic environment in which young people, tackling various life difficulties, can connect with help and with each other. Attending a group for the first time can seem daunting but A Place to Heal eases the process by providing an unreservedly safe, warm and accepting space in which all group members, no matter what stage of the healing journey they are at, are welcomed.

 Although support is targeted specifically to young people, there is recognition of the fact that their needs and concerns may vary widely. Additionally, there is acknowledgement of the fact that negative feelings – anxiety, grief, depression and a multitude of others – can cause feelings of isolation. For this reason, connecting with others is vital: this group will enable participants to receive as well as provide help, bolstering connections and encouraging open and genuine discussion, providing a combination of weekly psycho-education and a therapy/ process group.