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Evolving Woman: Fiona Arrigo

We are delighted to introduce our founder Fiona Arrigo for the first in a series of profound workshops on the Evolving Woman. Fiona will dive into who we are as Evolving Women - dreamers, vision holders, women in the workplace, women at home. We will be asking the relevant questions of what we are becoming as women today in the world. Fiona will look at how do we live with compassion and inquiry in these times. What is being asked of us and what we are asking of ourselves. Where do we fit into our personal awakening and the global awakening. How do we live an empowered life rather than an exhausted life. How do we lead from the inside with strength rather than the outside with depletion. Most importantly what are we unfolding into - who we are becoming.

Early bird until 23.09. £165
Full price: £195